Android Application

Conceptive Y’s skillful Android consulting practice can help you create excellent Android based applications using proven leading practices.  Our experts can help you with:

  • Establish your Android development and publishing environment.
  • Architect, design, develop, and deploy Android-based applications.
  • Create stunning, intuitive Android user interfaces.
  • Minimize device fragmentation issues.
  • Leverage Android device multimedia, telephone, location services, and camera features.
  • Integrate Android applications into enterprise applications and data.
  • Create map-based applications using Androids GPS and other geo features.
  • Address Android threading issues.
  • Help solve “Application Not Responding” problems.
  • Identify problems and troubleshoot an Android application.
  • Optimize for performance an Android application.
  • Define best practices and procedures for building an application and deploying to multiple device types.
  • Design and implement a marketing plan for your Android application.